We're glad to welcome you to the Story playground wikia.Edit

This wiki is dedicated to those who want to become writers or refine their current writing skill. This wiki will come in handy as those who need guidance can come here and seek constructive criticism as well as feed back. Good luck.

What we're about.Edit

Anything to do with writing and we'd be glad to accept it. Grammar is key though, so make sure you use it well. Saying this if you do need help i will be obliged to do so.

The rules and recommended guidelines. Edit

The rules on this sight are simple:

Grammar is key. Although we thrive to help others improve we do need proper use of capitals, spelling and punctuation. For example an acceptable sentence would be: The fox, although fearful of heights, jumped the gap with ease as if not acknowledging its existence.

An unacceptable sentence would be: the Fox altough, fearful of heights, Jump The Gap with Ease as if non, exitent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spelling is also key. If you're too lazy to spell-check it, then you're too lazy to write a story.

If you are too post a half finished story then that is fine, as long as you, or someone else, finishes it in the same week of posting. Preferably finish the story before posting.

Finally, swearing in stories is bidden as long as it is not overused.

Recent ActivityEdit

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