Part 1

Darrens nose twitched as a fern tickled his nose. Moving silently through dead leaves was normally a infuriating task, but try that whilst crouched low with a seemingly endless forest of ferns and nettles in your way.

"Damn this place." Darren hissed out loud as a nettle brushed against his arm, hand moving toward his sword hilt instinctively. When Darrenn was sure no-one had heard he moved on, cautious now of the nettle thickets towering above. In the distance Darren could just make out a castle in the distance, easily identifiable as the castle of kings due to the spiraling blue towers that dissipated into the white oblivion above. Oblivious to the ferns rustling behind him Darren kept on through the thicket, crawling under a fallen tree to rest.

The rustling grew louder and Darren leaped to his feet reaching for his sword as a party of full armoured guards leapt out equipped with swords and bows. The guards drew closer beckoning for Darren to drop the sword, he would of done it too if it wasnt for the smug looking guards blood stained swords that told a tale, you trespass, you die! 

Backing away and jumping over a moss sodden rock, Darren reached into his pocket and pulled out a brown fabric bag. The guards continued their advance even as Darren chucked the white powder from the bag at them.

"what was that princess, Fairy dust?" sneered the guard at the front who, wet from the foliage, had most powder sticking to the fabric under his clothes. Darren smiled.

"Highly Flammible." Replied Darren dryly. Before muttering a quick incantation that launched a small ball of fire towards the unexpecting guards. The guards began to panic as the fire ball approached, their panic cut short as fire engulfed them and the trees surrounding.

Darren ran and smiled a wicked smile. 

"Off to kill the king."

Part 2

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